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Meet Kelly

Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator

I started golfing last year and what a frustrating sport!  There is a reason I chose this picture for the site - this is me pushing myself out of my comfort zone.  To learn and grow we have to get a little uncomfortable.  I did take some lessons and that eased the frustration a little.  I think it will be a game that I will enjoy in good time.  

I hear often from clients about their frustrations with their weight, their health and their bodies.  I am happy to listen to understand what their concerns are and work to find a nutrition solution that will work for them.  Our bodies are great communicators; we just need to figure out what they are trying to say.  I offer a free 15 minute discovery call to potential clients to give space and time to your concerns and see if there is something I can help you with.  

I offer in-person and virtual appointments including a one time appointment or packages.  Let's discuss what you need.  

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