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About Healthy Living

How would it feel to live your best life?  What would that look like?  Are you doing it now?  We have one body and one chance to live, what can you do to make the best of it?

I offer a healthy at every size and mindful eating approach.  My wish is for you to live well, love your body but make a small amount of room for chocolate or whatever it is that makes you happy.

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Success is in Reach

Are you at a loss for what to eat and what to cook?  Let Kelly create a meal plan for you.  Meet with Kelly to assess your needs and create goals for a healthy you.  Allow her to create a meal plan to help you meet those goals.  Accessible by website or app.  You can log your meals, change your meals, create a grocery list etc.   Click on the "let's chat" button to discuss your plan or click on the link to view a video on Eat Love.

Eat Love Video

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The Healthy Living Workshop



Coming soon.  Please check back in.